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This website is designed to help people like you find research-based information about plants that grow in the wilds of Colorado.

About the Database

The Colorado Plant Database provides researched-based information on the identification, ecology and human connections for more than 1,000 Colorado native plants as well as non-native invasive weeds. For quick searches of the database, click on the ‘Search for Plants’ tab at the top of this page or links in the text. The sources for this information are listed in the References link at the top of this page. The taxonomic reference used for plant names in this database is Colorado Flora, 4th edition, by William A. Weber and Ronald C. Wittmann.

The Colorado Plant Database was created and is maintained by the staff of the Native Plant Master Program. See for more information about field courses, indoor classes, certification and volunteer programs offered by the award-winning Native Plant Master Program. The database was created in response to the need for information on native plants, their use in sustainable landscapes and alien invasive weeds that threaten native ecosystems. Sustainable landscaping can reduce the need for water which is critical in a drought-prone state and can decrease maintenance time and pesticide use. Control of noxious weeds can increase sustainability of natural landscapes.

We do not recommend collection of any native plants or plant parts. Collection is prohibited on public lands and collection can negatively impact plant populations. A number of rare native plants have become classified as threatened or endangered because of human collection.

It should be noted that any information about the edibility of plants is given strictly for historical purposes. We do not vouch for the safety of eating any plants or other human uses mentioned in this database.


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